We create the experiences that define your brand.

Boss Digital Branding Agency Nottingham is an all-in-one Branding, Marketing & Public Relations Agency that specialises in making businesses and brands STAND OUT! Our comprehensive Marketing & PR approach to Branding, allows us to deliver the best results for you and your business. From Branding & Identity, to Marketing, Web Design & Social Media, even PR & Publicity, Boss Digital does it all!


Brand strategy

Taking both current and future factors into account, we define opportunities and positioning that reflect the essence of your brand, inspiring actions and experiences that establish emotional connections between brands and people.

Brand expression

We define and design identity to convey the brand idea in an emotionally powerful way across brand applications. From logo and visual elements to digital and packaging design, we help create breakthrough expressions that bring your brand to life.

Brand activation

We bring your brand promise and values to life through people, activities and communications. We help introduce your brand through the launch and execution, guide your brand experience and create advocacy by inspiring and engaging stakeholders.

Simple – Creative – Bold

Our Team at Boss Digital thrive on developing beautiful, classy and proud brand images that portray the true sense and style of your business, brand or organisation. We develop brands that drive performance and improve business. So whether it’s in brand development, re positioning, marketing, product launch or sales campaign, we at Boss Digital are dedicated to achieving the best results for your brand.



Passion is the power behind Boss Digital. We share a true love of what we do, and combined with our relentless perfectionist tendencies, it’s a recipe for going above and beyond expectations.


Working together as a collaborative team, both with each other and with clients, enables us to push each other further, creating synergistic magic that shines through in our work.


A constant need to ask “why?” provides us with off-the-wall ideas and fresh perspectives. We always dig deeper to find a new way of looking at something, and we love to explore outside our comfort zone.

As a dynamic, new breed of branding agency who specialise in marketing, PR branding strategy and design. We deliver a hard-working, highly effective marketing strategy, applying big thinking to small budgets. We want to help you stand out from the crowd, not be a part of it, and do so with a team of experienced, hands-on marketing professionals that want to deliver you a unique, creative solution with the best ROI.