Google Penalty Recovery Nottingham

Over the past few of years, Google have penalised many sites that have utilised questionable techniques in their pursuit of top spot. These “black hat” techniques have in fact come back to haunt many sites across the internet. Even though many of these penalties are deserved the fact remains that the penalties are there and they will need to be removed to help your website perform better again.

If you have recently lost traffic to your website we know that this can have a profound impact not only on your online visibilty but more importantly on your revenue. Maybe you have seen your site rankings drop significantly or you have recently received an unnatural links notification from Google?

Whatever the cause may be we have the perfect record in cleaning up manual actions for unnatural Links and we will work discreetly and professionally to remove any links which may be harming the ability to rank your website.

Google Penalty Recovery Services for Panda and Penguin

Have you noticed a drop in phone and email inquiries recently to your business? Have you done your regular check on for your main keywords but haven’t been able to find your website on the first page?

If this is you, the chances are that your website has been hit by a Google penalty. A Google penalty can come in a number of different forms and can have disastrous implications for local business owners. Businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on Google and other search engines to send them leads from organic searches.

When this source of free traffic dries up overnight, following a penalty being applied to the website, the majority of business owners are ill equipped to identify the cause of the penalty and then take the appropriate steps to recover the website and regain the lost website traffic and inquiry.

Over the last two years Google has released a number of penalty updates to help them fight website spam. You may have heard about these various updates including “Panda”, “Penguin” and “Hummingbird”.

Basically they all target different black hat SEO tactics and have played a large role in Google maintaining relevancy within their search results inturn providing a quality experience for their end user.

Zero Traffic
The chart above is of a site that has been penalised multiple times over several years, taking the traffic to zero.

The Google Panda update

Panda was the first of Google’s algorithm penalties and focuses mainly on the quality of your websites content. Are there too many duplicate links? Is their enough content on the home page? Does the site contain too much duplicate content or may be it contains too many adverts? There are a whole host of factors that contribute towards a Google Panda penalty and now that Panda is part of the main algorithm, it can be hard to identify that you even have a problem or not.

Our Google penalty recovery services in Nottingham will help you reorganise your site to make sure that you are on the right side of Panda. By doing so not only will you be able to rank well again but your site will be much more user friendly.

The Google Penguin algorithm

When Google rolled out the first Penguin update it sparked a major shift in the world of S.E.O. For many years Google had been saying what a good link was and what a bad link was. Finally they had a tool that can identify and penalise sites that were using  bad backlinks automatically. Penguin focuses on the off-page factors of a website and in order to fix it a site must clean up its back-link profile. This would mean removing questionable links that are pointing to it across the internet. The process is in itself a long one but also necessary one if a site is to ever rank high again.

To find out more about how our Google penalty recovery services can help your site recover from a Penguin penalty contact us today!

Google Manual Action

Manual Link Penalty

Unlike Google Panda and Penguin manual actions are not algorithmic. What this means is that they are not automatic. A manual action penalty means that a member of the web-spam team at Google has looked at your site and at it’s back-link profile and has decided that the site is not following Google’s webmaster guidelines. This means that either the site is not of high enough quality and it using questionable SEO techniques within the site or that they suspect the site to have tried to manipulate it’s back-link profile.

To remove this penalty our Google penalty recovery services will conduct a deep and thorough review of the site and recommend improvements to the site as well as start a back-link removal campaign to get any links that are not “organic” removed. Once we have done this we will then argue your case with Google and request that the penalty be lifted.

How Do Our Nottingham Google Penalty Removal Services Work?

We will always start by analysing your website, content and backlinks to identify the main issues occurring on your website and identify the penalty that is affecting it. At this point we will provide you with a proven and tested Google penalty recovery strategy to restore your website rankings and visitors.

There are plenty of “penalty recovery” experts emerging online who have little understanding or actually know what they are doing. Ranking in Google for the term “Google penalty recovery” does not mean they are qualified or experienced in completing a successful website recovery. We have recovered multiple websites for some extremely difficult keywords and are happy to provide testimonials from our happy clients. Get in touch via the discovery form on this page to get the process of recovering your websites rankings started.

Website Recovery
Above is a chart of a client site recovering after a Google Penguin update in October 2014.

Don’t Wait to Act

The best way to avoid Google penalties is to have your site audited by our team of SEO experts. We can carry out an in depth analysis of your site to pinpoint areas where your site falls short of Googles standards for content, quality and links. This will in turn allow you to understand where you site is failing and why. We can then help you create a road map to recovery! As well as taking steps to clean up the issues that we find we will help restore your website rank with search engines.

Penalty Recovery Services

Over the past year or so we have been undated by numerous clients across the UK asking us to recover their website from a Google Penalty. Google Penalties can come in various shapes and sizes often stemming from content or a websites backlinks..

We have diagnosed numerous websites and recovered them from Google Penalties. We have then worked with the client to implement a strategy to help them avoid any future penalties.

At Boss Digital we are considered experts in Nottingham and the UK when it comes to diagnosing website traffic losses, search engine ranking losses and Google penalties. We can not only recover websites, we can plan and strategise on behalf of our clients to ensure they avoid any potential traffic losses.