Pay Per Click Ads Agency Mansfield putting your website where your potential customers are looking…on the 1st page of Google!

If you have a website that delivers products and services, Pay Per Click is the right choice for you!

Pay Per Click Ads or PPC Marketing is the quickest way to drive qualified traffic through to your site. Our team of Mansfield PPC Advertising experts will help you set up your account, conduct keyword research, setup re-targeting, and create the copy for your ads. Not only that, we specialise in creating bespoke landing pages on your site to engage with your visitors and encourage them to interact and engage. While your PPC campaign is live, we will monitor the performance of your keywords and landing pages to continually work to improve the overall cost per click score to ensure your campaign is optimised.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is one of the most popular advertising models available online. Your advertisement is displayed across the top or side of search engine results and you pay only when someone clicks on it.

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Google Adwords – The Quickest Way to Reach Your Customers

We can can help you implement a Google AdWords strategy in Mansfield that will allow your business to have instant visibility amongst your target market when they search for your products or services on Google. Our Adwords certified professionals understands what it takes to develop a great Google AdWords strategy for our clients starting by getting to know your business goals and taking the time to research your target market.

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC Ads) is a digital advertising solution which lets you put your brand or products in front of highly engaged audiences. As the name suggests, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Every business, however small, now has the chance to display ads on Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

PPC Marketing is a great advertising medium as it allows for easy and measurable targeting of groups of potential customers. This flexibility allows businesses to effectively and efficiently deploy marketing campaigns that achieve a range of objectives with relative precision. Our Mansfield Pay per Click service can deliver the results you need for your website through our unrivalled PPC strategy. To find out more about Pay Per Click, contact our Mansfield PPC specialists today.

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Why use a Pay Per Click management agency?

Direct Targeting

Measurable Results

Immediate Set Up

High Conversion Rates

Highly Scalable

Improve Online Presence

As a full-service Google Adwords certified Pay per Click agency in Mansfield, we pride ourselves in giving an unrivaled and transparent service. Our team have been providing advertising to household brands for many years and have been recognised by Google and our clients for our continued high level of service.

Our Adwords team use many analytical tools to ensure that your campaign is outperforming your competitors and ensure that we have used the correct keywords and using the perfect targeting options for you. Our in-house consultants keep updated with any new changes to the Adwords platform and are able to utilise their connection with Google to resolve even the most difficult queries on the spot

The reports we provide for our clients are designed for you and your campaign. Some brands are looking to just increase awareness, others are looking to promote a special offer. No matter what your goals are for a PPC campaign, we will endeavor to keep you informed on any Google changes, up to date on the latest trends and provide you with the greatest service possible.

What do you get with our Adwords Pay Per Click Service?

  • We study and understand your business model and set targets accordingly
  • We analyse the best possible visitor conversion rate
  • We set up your ad campaign and monitor its performance
  • We create and optimise your landing pages
  • We perform extensive keyword research based on your niche
  • We manage your ongoing ads and campaigns for you
  • We perform integration for Google Shopping and other useful tools and services
  • We create and restructure your ad copy
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As a PPC Agency in Mansfield, We Instantly Help You Attract High-Quality Traffic

How can your business benefit from PPC services?

Driving the Correct Traffic

By understanding and knowing the keywords your customers will search, we can achieve results that will put you right in front of your desired target market. As the browsing & buying process is enhanced online, we can undertake an on going PPC service, where your website can be found for multiple key phrases.

Certified Professionals

We have a team of certified PPC professionals. Not just for normal search but also for Mobile and Video search. We not only carry out SEO but also maximise your ROI with all types of Pay-per Click campaigns in Google AdWords. Running these alongside a SEO campaign can work wonders for your business and increase your revenue further.

A Higher Return on Investment

Whether you want to target 1 keyword or 50, enhancing your website on a rolling month to month basis will not only increase your chances of being found online but will also increase your click through rate to your website. Being on the first page of Google will allow site visitors to increase, as well as your businesses income and growth.