EGB Engineering Website Development

EGB Engineering are an consultancy company specialising in a range of engineering disciplines including Aerospace, Defence and renewable energy. They have worked on various international engineering projects. With Rolls-Royce, Safran and United Technologies just some of their many clients.

Web Design



The Brief

EGB Engineering wanted a brand new website that would be able to communicate their highly specialised engineering capabilities in a user-friendly format with the goal to turn more of their website visitors into clients by gaining visitor trust, by highlighting their expertise through insights and research papers and latest industry news.

With the focus on credibility, trust and professionalism, EGB Engineering wanted a clear and clean colour theme that would inspire confidence but have the right balance of content to share, while also focusing on an easy to navigate site architecture to ensure that a number of different users could successfully navigate through the website.

With strong branding, the new website redesign needed to reflect the existing brand. With yellow and blue colours being dominant throughout the site.

Being Digital Marketing specialists, the development and design team at Boss Digital understood exactly what EGB Engineering wanted from their site; they needed their site to be a marketing tool but they needed to be able to create strong call to actions, promote events, and showcase their expertise through insights and research papers and this is the reason we went with a WordPress platform that enabled staff EGB Engineering to update the site with in house research papers and industry insights when it came available.

We also targeted various channels to increase traffic to EGB Engineering from the start of the project. Working with EGB Engineering’s Executive team, we identified the key areas, personas and keywords to target to increase visitors and in turn generate more leads.

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