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Apple Vision Pro Reviews, Pros and Cons


The Vision Pro is an astounding product. It’s the sort of first-generation device only Apple can really make, from the incredible display and passthrough engineering, to the use of the whole ecosystem to make it so seamlessly useful, to even getting everyone to pretty much ignore the whole external battery situation.

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The Apple Vision Pro is a truly amazing product that delivers futuristic eye- and hand-tracking interface along with breathtaking 3D video and truly impressive AR apps. It’s also a magical way to extend your Mac. But there’s some early performance bugs that need to be worked out, the battery can get in the way, and Digital Persona is a bit creepy and needs work.

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I’ll still use my laptop, phone and iPad as my main computers for now, but I imagine a future version of Vision Pro as something that could swallow them all up someday. Not today. But I do feel, right now, that I want to dive back in.

By cnet

Apple’s latest foray into the world of virtual reality has arrived, and it’s packing some serious weight (both literally and figuratively). Forget sleek, minimalist designs – the Vision Pro’s hefty box reveals a headset that means business. Two interchangeable bands, a chunky battery, and a whole lot of paperwork hint at a VR experience built for comfort and immersion, not casual play.


Apple’s real opportunity will materialize when it finds a way to mass produce the Vision Pro at closer to $2,000, or less. Until then, it may be a niche product. But the experience blows everything else out of the water. It’s Apple’s most exciting product in years and it’s the best example yet that this will become a new way of computing.


Clearly, the launch of Vision Pro is an important milestone for VR, spatial computing, and next-gen digital experiences. It’s also an exciting step in the future of the immersive internet. But, most people should fight off the FOMO and avoid buying one. Go ahead and test it out. I’m sure you’ll be as impressed with the build quality and the aesthetics of the device as I was when I put my hands on it. And the spatial videos and spatial photos are truly emotional — and have the potential to ignite a revolution.

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