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Asus is changing customer service protocols following RMA controversy

What just happened? Issues regarding Asus’s customer service came to a head last month when Gamers Nexus reported on an outrageously overpriced ROG Ally RMA. In response to widespread consumer backlash, the company has outlined a detailed multi-step plan to overhaul its customer service and hopefully regain consumer trust.

Asus has pledged to make several significant changes to its handling of customer service complaints, with some effective immediately and others coming later this year. Customers can also ask the company to re-investigate prior complaints.

Those who feel that Asus mishandled their previous RMAs by overcharging or incorrectly diagnosing an issue can now request the company to re-examine the case by emailing [email protected]. Asus provided Gamers Nexus with the template below for sending a re-processing request. A more comprehensive version is slated to appear in September.

Your Name (as listed in your RMA):
RMA Number:
Serial Number:
RMA application country:
Please describe your previous RMA dispute:
Supporting Documents (e.g., charged invoice, quotation notification, photos):
Additional Feedback (optional)

The trouble reached a boiling point last month when the YouTube channel Gamers Nexus complained that Asus overcharged and misidentified an RMA on an Asus ROG Ally that the channel had purchased for review. Gamers Nexus sent in the ROG Ally due to a faulty joystick, which was still under warranty. However, Asus attempted to charge $191 for damages to the chassis, which Gamers Nexus disputed.

After the channel released a video accusing Asus of running a scam, ordinary users began sharing horror stories of prior incidents with the company’s customer service. At least one user accused Asus of overcharging by thousands of dollars for what should have been a simple repair.

Asus later apologized and promised to make changes. Gamers Nexus recently posted an hour-long video detailing the company’s planned course of action after a lengthy discussion with representatives.

Affected customers can receive refunds for unexpected service charges, shipping, labor, and taxes related to overpriced or unnecessary repairs. Shipping refunds apply to all in-warranty repairs, even when shipped alongside out-of-warranty items.

Multiple organizational changes are also planned. Asus is building a task force to re-examine past negative customer surveys to identify areas for improvement. Furthermore, repair centers can no longer claim customer-induced damage without consulting Asus, reducing the financial incentive for more expensive repairs. Additionally, a new US-based support center will provide customers with more flexibility regarding repairs and refurbished parts.

The company will also make a statement next week regarding the ROG Ally’s microSD card port, which has drawn criticism. Users suspect that the placement of the handheld gaming PC’s heat exhaust is causing SD cards to overheat. Although Asus had not fully acknowledged the issue until now, the revised ROG Ally X has relocated the microSD card slot.

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