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Customs stop two Tesla Cybertrucks being smuggled into Russia

WTF?! With stories of the vehicle rusting in the rain, not to mention Tesla recalling all the units due to the acceleration pedal sticking, the Cybertruck doesn’t seem like the most appealing vehicle on the road. But it seems some people in Russia really wants to get their hands on the EV. Unfortunately for them, Lithuanian customs thwarted their plans.

The official Facebook account of the Lithuanian Customs department reveals that two Cybertruck EVs were seized at the Salcininku checkpoint going into Belarus, presumably on their way to a buyer in Russia.

The Cybertruck is only available to buy in the US right now. Tesla put a no-resale clause in place for early models, threatening to sue resellers for $50,000 and possibly not sell them any future vehicles. That hasn’t stopped some people from flipping their EVs, though the resale price has dropped recently due to all the Cybertruck’s bad press.

The EU, of which Lithuania is a member, imposed sanctions on the import of used cars on Russia back in 2014. Elektrek reports that authorities in Europe have been increasing their efforts to enforce these embargoes after it was found that every other vehicle worth more than 50,000 euros ($53,630) going through Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Uzbekistan last year ended up in Russia.

“A pre-trial investigation has been launched into smuggling and violation of international sanctions,” wrote Lithuanian Customs. The drivers of the Cybertrucks were released after questioning.

A Cybertruck owner in Russia recently said he acquired one of the vehicles by making the owner, an early reservation holder, “an offer he couldn’t refuse,” which is hopefully a reference to money and not some Mafia-like threat. The truck was exported to a European country and brought to Russia via Belarus. Check out the review from a local influencer below.

Last month, the US Department of Transportation issued a recall for all Cybertrucks over a defect that can cause the acceleration pedal to become stuck under the interior trim.

While the Cybertruck hasn’t lived up to the apocalypse-proof promise made by Elon Musk and Tesla, it is at least bulletproof – providing you don’t use large-calibre ammunition against it.

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