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GOG Summer Sale begins, some games are now playable on Amazon Luna

In context: While services that sell titles exclusively for cloud gaming never truly took off – the failure of Google Stadia being the most notable example – streaming has become a workable secondary method for enjoying games that users previously purchased for local play. Amazon is a relatively new player in cloud gaming and it’s now expanding its footprint through a partnership with GOG, just in time with its huge summer sale.

Starting today, gamers with large libraries on have another way to play over the cloud. By subscribing to Amazon Luna, they can begin streaming any games available on both services, many of which are on sale until July 11.

Purchasing GOG titles through Luna permanently adds them to your linked GOG account, enabling the download of DRM-free copies. Furthermore, cloud saves allow users to seamlessly switch between playing a locally installed game or streaming it through Luna. Notable supported titles include Stardew Valley (currently $12), Ghostrunner 2 ($20 at half price discount), and Hollow Knight (half-off at $7.49).

Amazon’s cloud gaming service supports web browsers, mobile devices, and low-end PCs. Pricing, game selection, and tech specs closely resemble Nvidia’s GeForce Now, which allows subscribers to link their GOG, Ubisoft, EA, Steam, and Epic accounts to stream games they already own on those services.

In comparison, Luna can connect to Epic, Ubisoft, GOG, Twitch, and Discord, but allows you to choose from multiple subscription models. Luna+ is similar to GeForce Now’s Priority tier, $10 a month 1080p 60fps gameplay, but doesn’t mention ray tracing or other in-game graphics settings. The collaboration with GOG is probably most advantageous to users already subscribing to Amazon Prime, which grants access to GOG libraries through Prime Gaming.

Meanwhile, over 6,000 titles are on sale until July 11 for GOG’s annual summer sale. Attention-worthy Luna-compatible discounts include Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut for $2.99 (85% off), Blade Runner Enhanced for $3.49 (65% off), and RoboCop Rogue City for $24.99 (50% off).

GOG has always been reliable for CRPG fans, and the sale is another opportunity for steep discounts on classics of that genre. One of the lowest-priced items is Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition – normally $19.99 but now $2.99. Its predecessor is 75% off at $4.99, and its spiritual successor, Dragon Age: Origins, is $3.19, down 84% from its $20 MSRP. Similar titles from Larian, CD Projekt, Bethesda, and other RPG powerhouses are also below $10.

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