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Google Pixel 8a Reviews, Pros and Cons

Hands on: That’s not a bad trade-off to get a device that delivers 90 percent of what you get on Google’s top-tier phones for just $499, which is $200 less than the Pixel 8’s regular starting price. And for anyone who likes the Pixel 8a but might not care as much about AI, the Pixel 7a will still be on sale at a reduced price of $349. Though if you want one of those, you might want to scoop it up soon because there’s no telling how long supplies will last.

By Engadget

Sure, it might not have the flashy design of the Nothing Phone 2a or the long lasting battery life of the OnePlus 12R, but I think the Pixel 8a has a nice balance of hardware and software that the other two lack. I’m hoping that the camera performance is improved in a bigger way, but I love how its package is amplified with a robust set of AI features. Google could very well again win the mid-range category with the Pixel 8a for the rest of the year.

By Tom’s Guide

Hands on: There’s more to dig into with the Pixel 8a, but first impressions have been positive. The processor and display upgrades benefit the day-to-day experience, the seven years of OS updates should keep the phone relevant well into the next decade, and retaining last year’s price point makes this still the best phone for under $500.

By ZDNet

Hands on: I already really like how the Pixel 8 feels in the hand. The Pixel 8a takes things a step further by further refining and rounding out the corners. That said, this change is starker in renders than in person. The profile of the flagship and mid-ranger feel the same, which is a good thing.

By 9To5Google

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