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Hold up to 20 memory cards in one 300MB/s reader

Forward-looking: Outdoor photographers who need quick access to a large amount of memory card storage might want to look into a new trend of rugged devices that combine card readers with carrying cases. A Kickstarter campaign that ends this week aims to offer the most advanced variant available.

Users looking for a portable, durable, multi-function SD card reader have a few days left to capitalize on early bird prices for the Asuizo CAZE, which doubles as a case that holds up to 20 cards. Shipping begins in June at a $69 MSRP, but Kickstarter backers receive a discount.

The 9.5 x 7.8 x 2.5cm package holds four SD cards, 12 microSD cards, four nano-SIMs, an eject pin, and a USB adapter. The card reader simultaneously supports one SD card and one microSD card at up to 300 MBps – fast enough for the best commonly-used SD cards like TechSpot’s top-recommended 256GB Lexar Professional 2000x.

Asuzio’s device connects to Windows (7 or newer), macOS (10 or newer), Android, and iOS devices through a USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 cable with up to 10Gbps bandwidth. It also hosts an extra USB port for external drives and includes a USB-C-to-A converter.

The CAZE houses the cards and connectors in an aluminum alloy and silicone shell that protects against moisture, dust, and impacts, with four colors available – black, blue, orange, and green. Another neat feature that sets the CAZE apart is a capacity indicator. Some of its SD card slots will display a green light to indicate that the inserted card has a fair amount of remaining storage. The primary target audience is professional outdoor photographers.

Other companies offer similar products, but the CAZE still offers impressive capacity and a wide range of compatibility by comparison. PGYTECH’s CreateMate – which is probably the “Brand B” in Asuzio’s comparison chart – holds four SD cards, four TF cards, and two nano-SIM cards in a rugged case that simultaneously supports two card readers at 312MBps for $40. Another model from Streetment can carry 22 cards – a combination of TF, SD, microSD, micro-SIM, and nano-SIM cards – but doesn’t support iOS.

Early bird pricing for the CAZE ranges from $39 to $49. Asuzio will also offer a CAZE lite case that lacks USB functionality for $39 with an early-bird deal for $19. Shipping is $10 for US customers and $16 for EU, Canada, and UK buyers.

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