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Hundreds of devs say they are working on Nintendo Switch 2 games, suggesting a 2024 launch is likely

In context: It feels as if we’ve been hearing about the Switch 2 for years, but Nintendo still hasn’t given any official confirmation regarding its arrival. However, 2024 definitely looks like the year we’ll see the successor to the wildly successful hybrid, as evidenced by the hundreds of developers who say they’re working on games for the device.

Since it launched in March 2017, the Nintendo Switch has gone on to become the third best-selling console of all time with 132.46 million unit sales.

But the Switch, even the newer OLED model, is showing its age. The device still managed strong sales throughout 2023, sitting behind the PlayStation 5 and ahead of the Xbox Series S/X, but its dollar sales declined YoY.

Rumors of a successor have been around for years, though they’ve really picked up the pace over the last 12 months. We heard in July that dev kits had already shipped to studios, while September brought reports that Nintendo held closed-door presentations of the Switch 2 during Gamescom 2023.

A new GDC 2024 ‘State of the Game Industry’ report has seemingly confirmed claims that Nintendo’s next console is launching this year. Of the 3,000 developers who participated, 240 of them, or 8%, said they are developing their current projects for the Switch 2.

Credit: GDC

Another part of the survey asked which platform interested them most right now. The Switch 2 didn’t perform too well in this aspect, perhaps because it hasn’t been released yet, with 32% of developers choosing Nintendo’s next console, trailing behind the PlayStation 5 and PC – the latter being the most popular choice. The original Switch was chosen by just 25% of participants.

Nintendo has repeatedly dismissed talk of the Switch 2 as being just rumors. Many of the developers who participated in the survey might be under orders not to talk about the projects they are developing for the upcoming machine, meaning the number of people working on Switch 2 games could be a lot higher.

Some believe the Switch 2 won’t offer a drastic redesign compared to its predecessor, offering only iterative changes such as improved hardware. It’s predicted to carry a $400 price tag, though, and the games could cost the same $70 as those on other consoles.

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