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Intel Thunderbolt Share aims to simplify connection and resource sharing between multiple PCs

In a nutshell: Despite Intel’s ambitions, Thunderbolt hasn’t achieved the same popularity as USB. The interface, which combines PCI Express and DisplayPort signals, is much more common on laptops than desktop systems now. However, Chipzilla is working on a new software solution to make its proprietary interface much more enticing to creators and gamers.

Intel recently introduced Thunderbolt Share, a new software solution designed to enable novel “PC-to-PC” experiences that are secure, feature-rich, and easier to achieve. With Thunderbolt Share, Intel promises that users will be able to connect different Windows-based systems to share input peripherals, monitors, accessories, or even large files with a simple drag-and-drop action.

Scheduled to launch in the second half of 2024, Thunderbolt Share is compatible with Windows systems equipped with Thunderbolt 4 or Thunderbolt 5 chips. The new software will leverage the “unique” network capabilities of the Thunderbolt interface, according to Intel, to efficiently connect two different PCs through a single Thunderbolt cable or external hub.

Intel provided a list of some of the things Thunderbolt Share will apparently be able to achieve, including uncompressed and smooth screen-sharing with common, lag-free mouse and keyboard controls between PCs. The software will also include a file transfer capability with folder synchronization and sharing, providing a “private and secure connection” that will not affect the performance of Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or cloud network connections.

The Santa Clara corporation is portraying Thunderbolt Share as an ideal solution for creators and gamers, offering improved productivity in multi-PC workflow scenarios.

Thunderbolt Share will harness Thunderbolt’s bandwidth and low latency. According to Intel’s VP Jason Ziller, it has the potential to significantly enhance productivity and efficiency among PC users. The corporation stated that the Thunderbolt interface is now “ubiquitous,” found in hundreds of millions of devices, including Intel Evo and Intel vPro-based laptops.

Intel mentioned that the Thunderbolt Share software will be available on “select” PCs and accessories, with third-party companies expected to announce their adoption of Thunderbolt Share soon. The list of Intel partners working to integrate the new sharing technology into their products includes Lenovo, Acer, MSI, Razer, Kensington, Belkin, Promise, Plugable, OWC, and others.

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