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John Romero revives Doom with a new episode for the game’s 30th anniversary

Highly anticipated: Romero’s latest release, Sigil 2 is not just a nod to Doom’s 30th anniversary, but a refreshing revival of the classic FPS game. The new episode is available as a free add-on, and offers both a trip down memory lane and fresh challenges, along with some paid collectibles, too.

Only a handful of game franchises can claim to have established an entire genre, as Doom did for first-person shooters. Thirty years later, John Romero, one of the original developers behind the iconic game, is celebrating the milestone with the release of Sigil 2.

The new episode is not just a tribute but a continuation of the Doom saga, blending nostalgia with modern gaming sensibilities.

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Sigil 2 is being described as an “unofficial sixth episode” of Doom, following Romero’s 2019 release of Sigil. This latest installment features nine standard levels and two deathmatch levels, each crafted with the same elements that defined the original game. Accompanied by a new MIDI soundtrack by James Paddock and fresh artwork, Sigil 2 offers a unique experience that will take long-time fans back to the good old days.

If you own Doom or Doom II, you can grab the free megawad from Romero’s website. For collectors and enthusiasts, there’s also a physical “shotgun shell” USB edition that comes in an autographed box with a poster, stickers, and more.

Sigil 2 release comes a year after Romero rolled out a new Doom II level in support of Ukraine and donated all the proceedings.

In a weekend livestream, Romero and John Carmack reflected on Doom’s impact beyond gaming. They spoke about how Doom’s network play feature spurred many to learn about hardware and networking, inadvertently kickstarting IT careers for an entire generation of gamers.

A veteran of the gaming industry who was also involved in creating other iconic shooters like Quake and Wolfenstein 3D, Romero has also been working on a new FPS game since last year.

The Doom franchise may be older than many of us, but it certainly carries plenty of clout in the gaming world, which is why Bethesda is planning to milk it with the upcoming Doom Year Zero. Recently, Doom and Doom II were re-released on mobile, consoles, and PC with new add-ons and modern features, including 120fps gameplay on iOS. Just last week, id Software introduced “The Troopers’ Playground,” a new official add-on for both games.

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