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Let Loose: Watch Apple unveil the (possibly) M4-powered new OLED iPad Pro at 7am PT / 10am ET

In brief: Apple will be unveiling its hotly anticipated new iPads in a few hours, and you can watch the entire event right here. The company is expected to unveil the first OLED iPad Pro, possibly powered by a new M4 chip, and a 12.9-inch iPad Air when the stream starts at 7am PT / 10am ET.

Apple’s online-only Let Loose event will be streamed live on YouTube – you can watch the embed at the top of the page – as well as the company’s website and on the Apple TV+ app.

Cupertino is rumored to reveal a new iPad Pro, iPad Air, Apple Pencil, and Magic Keyboard case later today. But it’s the Pro tablet that has been receiving most attention.

The new Pro seems almost certain to be the first iPad in the long-running series with an OLED panel. According to Bloomberg’s resident Apple expert Mark Gurman, it could also launch with the new M4 chip, which, thanks to a new neural engine, will position the next iPad Pro as Apple’s first truly AI-powered device.

Launching the M4 just over six months after the M3 series was unveiled might seem unusual, but Apple reportedly launched the M3 chips later than expected. With Microsoft hosting a Surface and AI event a day before Microsoft Build at the end of this month, where it will show off “next-gen” Arm-powered Surface devices, Apple might want to get ahead of its rival by revealing the M4 chips first.

Assuming the rumors are true, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the already expensive iPad Pro – the cheapest current 12.9-inch model comes in at $1,099 – get even pricier. The good news for fans of large tablets is that a 12.9-inch iPad Air is also expected to be shown off alongside the 10.9-inch model, offering the same size as the Pro but with a presumably much lower price tag. Both the iPad Air models could be powered by M3 chips, too.

Elsewhere, a new Magic Keyboard with a more durable aluminum frame will likely make an appearance, as will the updated Apple Pencil, which could offer enhanced haptic feedback.

Make sure to come back at 7am PT / 10am ET to see the whole event live.

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