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Logitech’s new wireless keyboard caters to pro gamers on the move

Why it matters: Logitech has introduced a new gaming keyboard that it says is designed specifically for pro esports athletes with limited real estate. The Logitech G Pro X 60 Lightspeed Gaming Keyboard, as the name suggests, features a compact 60 percent form factor (11.42 inches x 4.06 inches x 1.54 inches) meant to maximize space and make transport easier (a semi-hard carrying case also comes bundled with your purchase).

The board utilizes GX optical switches (your choice of tactile or linear), dual-shot PBT keycaps, RGB lighting, and Logitech’s Lightspeed wireless technology for a speedy, cord-free connection. Optionally, you can connect wirelessly over standard Bluetooth. Battery life is rated at up to 65 hours, and recharging is as simple as plugging in the included charging cable to your computer.

Logitech says its GX Optical switches offer faster actuation than standard mechanical switches, eliminating the debounce required by the latter. They’re also factory-lubricated, we’re told.

Despite the small footprint, the peripheral maker managed to squeeze in some physical creature comforts including a volume roller, media controls, and game mode switcher, which can be found on the side edges of the board.

Additional functionality comes courtesy of Logitech’s Key Control, a tool within G Hub that allows users to assign up to 15 functions per key to create multiple customizable layers. I’m not sure how someone would keep track of that may layers and unique buttons, but the option exists.

Logitech said it worked with more than 70 pro athletes who helped them evaluate north of 30 prototypes before settling on this design. It’s the latest in Logitech’s Pro line of accessories for gamers, and is more or less just a smaller version of the Pro X TKL keyboard that’s already on the market.

The Logitech G Pro X 60 Lightspeed Gaming Keyboard is available to pre-order in your choice of white, black, or pink colorways for $179, and comes backed by a two-year limited hardware warranty. Look for it to ship starting April 16.

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