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Meet the REV-9 laptop: a monster with a 64-core CPU, full liquid cooling system, and a desktop RTX 4080

WTF?! If you find raw power is the most important element in a laptop and care little about size, weight, looks, and noise, then the REV-9 could be for you. Its industrial design isn’t going to compete with the Razer Blade when it comes to sleekness, but it does pack a 64-core AMD Epyc CPU, a full liquid cooling system, and a desktop-class RTX 4080.

Made by Chinese laptop company Zhanjiang Xinjuneng, the REV-9 is the first laptop to feature a 64-core CPU. It comes in two configurations: one with a Zen 3-based Epyc 7713 CPU and the other with a Zen 4 Epyc 9554, each presumably featuring different motherboards as these chips use separate sockets.

These server processors are designed to run hot and heavy (up to 360W TDP), one of the reasons why they’re not used in consumer laptops – they’re also very expensive. Zhanjiang Xinjuneng tries to address this by integrating what’s said to be the world’s first built-in split liquid cooling system into the device, complete with an in-built high-pressure water pump and water tank. It also packs a large copper radiator, according to PCOnline.

It’s claimed that the laptop can achieve a Cinebench R23 result of 49,000 using the 225W Epyc 7713, so that cooling system seems to be working – at least on the lower-power chip.

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Away from the CPU, the REV-9 also packs an RTX 4080. It’s defined as desktop-class, suggesting this could be a custom-designed desktop card – the company says it’s 15% faster than the mobile RTX 4090. There’s also mention of being able to upgrade the card to the unreleased and still-unconfirmed RTX 4080 Super. The Super card is reportedly launching on January 31, following the launch of the RTX 4070 Super and RTX 4070 Ti Super.

The laptop’s graphics card will have its work cut out, pushing pixels around on a 17.3-inch 2.5K screen with a 240Hz refresh rate offering 100% coverage of the sRGB color gamut. Or you can opt for a 4K 120Hz display.

The REV-9 features a 3.5-inch separate screen for showing stats such as temperatures, too, and you also get dual 10 Gbit Ethernet cards and an IPMI2.0 interface.

All that desktop-like hardware means you’re unlikely to be walking into a café with the REV-9 tucked under your arm, ready to sit down and work on your novel. It measures a hefty 420mm (16.5 inches) by 325mm (12.79 inches) by 46mm (1.8 inches). No word on how much it weighs, but expect this laptop to give your biceps a workout.

The REV-9 will be available exclusively from December 19 on Taobao in colors including gold, silver, rose gold, blue, purple, and red. No word on price, but considering the Epyc 9554 costs around $9,000, it’s not going to be cheap.

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