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Microsoft Edge gets a built-in internet speed test tool, here’s how to use it

In a nutshell: Microsoft has rolled out a new update to its Edge browser, re-adding one notable feature removed from the software last year. Version 124.0.2478.80 sees the internet speed test return to the sidebar and incorporates the latest security updates of the Chromium project, fixing a couple of critical vulnerabilities.

Newer Microsoft Edge versions come with a sidebar toolbox that incorporates several productivity tools, such as a world clock, calculator, unit convertor, timer, stopwatch, and more. Until about a year ago, the panel also included an internet speed test tool that allowed users to measure their internet speed without navigating to a dedicated speed test site or using a third-party app.

The feature was deprecated early last year, but Microsoft did not explain its decision. However, the company has had a change of heart. It is worth noting that the feature was spotted in Edge Canary 124 in March, suggesting that the developers have been working on it for at least a few months.

To use the built-in speed test feature, click the toolbar button (red toolbox icon) on the right sidebar. You’ll see “Internet Speed Test” as the first option on the list. Click the tile to expand it, and then hit the “Start” button to start the speed test.

It is worth noting that the speed test is not native to the side panel, unlike the calculator or the unit converter. Opening the speed test option redirects users to the Bing website on the main panel to start the test. It is similar to the Timer, which also opens on the main panel of the Bing webpage.

Edge’s speed test uses Ookla’s well-known internet speed test engine. One thing I noticed about it is that Edge’s results are as accurate as those you get on Ookla’s website. They fail to provide a true reflection of real-life download and upload speeds. So, Microsoft still has a little work to do before the new feature is fully ready for prime time.

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