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MSI’s Spatium M570 Pro Frozr PCIe 5.0 SSD skirts high temps with towering heatsink

In a nutshell: MSI has introduced its next-gen flagship SSD, the Spatium M570 Pro Frozr PCIe 5.0.The new drive is powered by the latest Phison E26 PCIe 5.0 controller and utilized 3D NAND flash and a DRAM cache buffer. The M570 Pro Frozr is rated for sequential read speeds up to 12,400 MB/s and sequential writes of 11,800 MB/s, which MSI says is ideal for demanding professionals, gamers, and content creators.

The kit includes an oversized passive heatsink complete with heatpipes to usher heat away from the toasty drive. According to MSI, the sink can reduce operating temperatures by up to 20 degrees Celsius. Your mileage will vary, of course, and will no doubt be aided by surrounding airflow.

The towering cooler is quite large, so you’ll no doubt want to ensure it will fit into your system before purchasing.

The M570 Pro will be offered in capacities of 1 TB, 2 TB, and 4 TB with DRAM caches of 2 GB, 4 GB, and 8 GB, respectively. The top-tier 4 TB drive is rated for up to 3,000 terabytes written. All have a mean time between failure rating of 1.6 million hours and come backed by a five-year limited warranty.

Guru3D recently took the M570 Pro for a spin and found it to be the fastest Gen5 SSD they have tested to date. When installed in a system with adequate cooling, temperatures weren’t a concern, either, as the drive never came close to reaching thermal shutdown.

Pricing remains somewhat of a mystery as of writing. Guru3D mentions a $299 price point for the 2 TB drive in its conclusion but earlier in the review, the 2 TB model is said to cost $340. Tom’s Hardware also cites the $299 figure and unfortunately, I can find nothing official from MSI on the matter.

Before splurging on a cutting-edge Gen5 SSD, ask yourself if the money over a Gen4 model is really worth the extra speed. For the average user, the answer is “probably not” but if you are dealing in heavy workloads on a frequent basis, it might be worth looking into.

Image credit: Guru3D

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