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Nintendo emulator Delta lands on the Apple App Store, now the top free app

What just happened? Apple has finally got around to approving Delta, an all-in-one emulator supporting several vintage Nintendo platforms. Delta is the successor to GBA4iOS, an open-source Game Boy Advance emulator from Riley Testut. If that name sounds familiar, it’s likely because the developer was a key player tied to a Game Boy app that was recently added to – then pulled from – the App Store under Apple’s recently revised emulator policy.

According to Testut, iGBA was a knockoff of GBA4iOS, which he developed while still in high school. Testut expressed frustration that Apple approved the clone (despite it being filled with ads and trackers) while his own app had been stuck in the approval process for well over a month.

Apple has since rectified the issue, yanking iGBA from the App Store. Delta, meanwhile, has now been approved and is available to download.

The emulator’s App Store listing shows it is currently the top free app. It features support for multiple Nintendo platforms including the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Super NES, the Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and the Nintendo DS. Additional platform support is also in the works, we are told.

Delta supports Nintendo Switch Pro and Nintendo Switch Online controllers, as well as Joy-Cons, PS4 and PS5 controllers, Xbox One and Xbox Series X gamepads, MFI controllers, and Bluetooth / wired keyboards.

Other noteworthy features include save states, synching between devices, custom controller skins, game artwork, microphone support (DS only) a fast-forward option to speed up play in slower parts of games, support for haptic touch, and a hold button. The app also facilitates the use of cheats from various adapters including Game Genie, Pro Action Replay, and Code Breaker.

Delta is free to download but you will be responsible for supplying your own game ROMs. Nintendo has not yet made a move to shut it down but if you are interested, I’d recommend grabbing a copy sooner rather than later… just in case.

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