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Nintendo Switch 2 will likely be larger and feature magnetic Joy-Cons

Rumor mill: We’ve heard about estimates concerning the performance, software features, and release date of the successor to the Nintendo Switch. However, very few details have emerged regarding its appearance or input methods. A recent report suggests that Nintendo is taking extraordinary measures to keep it that way.

Sources have provided details to the Spanish gaming blog Vandal regarding the size and controller connectivity of the Nintendo Switch 2. While rumors should always be taken with a grain of salt, Vandal has an established track record. The blog previously reported on aspects of the Nintendo Switch OLED before that model’s release.

Nintendo has reportedly allowed accessory manufacturers to handle the upcoming handheld console without being able to see it, in a sort of black box demonstration.

All those sources agreed that the final hardware is ready, bolstering prior reports stating that Nintendo decided to delay its launch to early 2025 primarily to give developers more time to prepare launch titles.

According to the manufacturers’ impressions, the Switch 2 is larger than the original and OLED models but not as big as Valve’s Steam Deck handheld PC. This aligns with prior rumors suggesting that Nintendo’s new device will feature an 8-inch LED display – a one-inch increase over the OLED. However, it’s unclear whether the Switch 2 will increase its native screen resolution beyond the current platform’s 720p.

Additionally, the new console will still use detachable Joy-Cons, but they will connect to the base unit using magnets instead of rails. While the Switch 2 won’t support the original console’s Joy-Cons, Pro controllers currently on the market will work. There is no word on whether the new controllers will address the stick drift issue that has plagued Joy-Cons and other gamepads for years.

Previous reports indicated that the Switch 2 will likely be backward compatible with physical and digital games for its predecessor, but an exact picture of the new console’s horsepower has been elusive.

Its graphics might be based on Ampere – the same architecture as Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3000 GPUs – using an 8nm process. Performance estimates vary widely, with some rumors suggesting it could land near the PlayStation 4 or Steam Deck, while more optimistic reports put it closer to the Xbox Series S in the best-case scenario.

A behind-closed-doors demonstration at Gamescom last year allegedly showed the console running the Matrix Awakens Unreal Engine 5 demo.

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