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Nvidia DLSS 3.7 can improve performance and image quality for some games

Why it matters: Users who have experience manually updating the Nvidia DLSS implementations for various games recently received a new option that could significantly impact visuals and performances. Team Green has also come closer to Microsoft’s goal of simplifying upscaling applications for game developers.

The DLL files for Nvidia DLSS 3.7 are now available. Although the update adds a new decimal point, its additions aren’t quite as significant as version 3.5. Still, modders have noticed a new preset and a mysterious upscaling mode.

To apply the update, download the proper DLL file, then use emoose’s DLSSTweaks software. This app is designed to let users add the latest version of DLSS to games that shipped with older variants. While it can’t add DLSS 3 Frame Generation to titles that don’t officially support it, it can add DLAA and more recent optimizations to the upscaler. Another app, DLSS Swapper, facilitates changing DLL files, so users wishing to avoid third-party software can simply replace the DLLs in a game’s install folder.

The new preset is the most crucial addition from DLSS version 3.7 for end users. The tech previously included five upscaling presets that enabled developers and tinkerers to calibrate for different content. Unlike the performance profiles players select in games, the presets determine how DLSS balances image stability versus motion. Some might look clearer, while others show less ghosting.

However, preset E, codenamed “Eager Donkey,” was disabled until version 3.7. Users testing it confirm improved image quality in certain games. Horizon: Forbidden West allegedly shows fewer artifacts in motion, and at least one user saw an increased framerate. Watch Dog Legion and Cyberpunk 2077 also benefit. Those willing to endure a bit of trial and error should consider trying it with other DLSS-supported titles.

Additionally, DLSS 3.7 adds support for alpha upscaling, but the function of that feature remains unclear because only developers can implement it. It may appear in a future game that uses the latest version of DLSS.

The update also includes improvements to Streamline, the open-source tool Nvidia launched to help developers apply DLSS and other upscaling tech. Microsoft is working on a similar instruction set, DirectSR, which aims to provide a common framework for developers implementing DLSS, FSR, XeSS, or bespoke solutions.

Nvidia’s last major DLSS update, version 3.5, added ray reconstruction, which integrated the company’s AI upscaling into the denoising process, resulting in more precise ray tracing with minimal performance impact.

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