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OneDrive data synchronization on Windows 11 is now automatic

Classic Microsoft: Microsoft’s OneDrive is a cloud storage and file-syncing solution baked directly into Windows. Over time, the tool became increasingly troublesome and annoying, and now Redmond seems willing to make it more so by making OneDrive an opt-out feature.

Microsoft recently changed the Windows 11 installation process, turning OneDrive data synchronization on by default without providing users an opt-out dialog. The “feature” is enabled during the Windows 11 setup procedure after users log in to an online Microsoft account.

After installation, the Windows desktop gets cluttered with new shortcuts to user data and folders previously saved on OneDrive. Everything is automated, so synchronization between Microsoft’s cloud servers and the local Windows “experience” starts right after completing a supposedly “clean” Windows 11 installation.

Microsoft could have done things differently, giving users a few pop-up choices to start OneDrive synchronization right after the initial Windows 11 setup. Instead, the company ultimately decided to shove OneDrive down users’ throats. Triggered users immediately shared their outrage on Reddit for yet another annoyance caused by Windows 11.

Users can disable OneDrive to stop unwanted data synchronization after Windows installation. In fact, Microsoft provided an official troubleshooting guide explaining how to properly shut the service down and remove the software from the PC. However, auto-syncing during Windows setup is going in the opposite direction. Microsoft will likely backtrack on the mover when enough user complaints hit the forums and social media, but that does nothing for those looking for a clean, unbloated Win11 install right now.

Redmond’s motivations seem clear–lock people into its OneDrive cloud backup solution. The change indicates that Microsoft views user choice as inconsequential or at least less important than its thorough data harvesting, telemetry collection, and growth of its cloud ecosystem.

Microsoft used several “tricks” and shady tactics to push OneDrive onto PCs in the past, even making annoyed users explain why they were quitting the pesky cloud software. The company is laser-focused on forcing users into its digital walled garden by requiring a Microsoft online account during Windows 11 installation and removing help pages on how to turn a Microsoft account into a local, “offline” one. It is this type of behavour that has the European Commission threatening heavy DMA fines against Microsoft now.

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