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Samsung Galaxy S24 spec sheet leaks, outlines all three models

In brief: Information about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S24 smartphones has been leaking for a while, and the specifications for the flagship model emerged last week. Now, the full official spec sheet for all three models is available, providing a clear picture of their mid-January unveiling.

Leaker Evan Blass has revealed what appears to be Samsung’s official comparison chart for all three upcoming Galaxy S24 smartphones. In comparison to the top-end S24 Ultra, which leaked earlier, the mainstream models primarily make sacrifices in memory, storage, and camera resolution.

The middle-tier S24+ slightly reduces the screen size from the Ultra’s 6.8 inches to 6.7 inches. Its camera reverts to a three-lens setup with a 50MP primary camera, compared to the flagship’s 200MP. While all three phones can record up to 8K video, the S24+’s telephoto zoom maxes out at 3x.

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Memory and storage configurations are identical between the Ultra and S24+ – 12GB of RAM with the choice between 256GB or 512GB models, indicating that Samsung has dropped the S23 Ultra’s 1TB option. The mid-range phone features slightly less battery capacity – 4,900mAh compared to the Ultra’s 5,000.

Finally, the mainstream Galaxy S24 shrinks again to 6.2 inches while retaining the S24+’s camera specs. Its primary cuts are to the storage, memory, and battery. It has only 8GB of RAM and the option of either a 128GB or 256GB variant with a 4,000mAh battery – a slight improvement over its predecessor’s 3,900mAh battery.

Unsurprisingly, the S24+ and S24 feature an aluminum chassis instead of the Ultra’s titanium, and only the flagship model supports the S Pen. The leaked chart also confirms that all three S24 phones have been upgraded from the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 to Qualcomm’s latest Gen 3 processor.

Previous information suggests that AI will be a major feature of the S24 series. The cameras will utilize AI-based image stabilization to enable cleaner photos, even in low-light conditions. Other rumored AI-powered functionalities suggest the presence of onboard AI hardware similar to that which powers the Google Pixel 8. This could enable generative features like real-time voice translation, text summaries, and AI-based image manipulation to extend photos or create wallpapers.

Samsung is expected to officially reveal the S24 lineup on January 17. The spec sheet doesn’t include pricing details.

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