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Samsung ViewFinity S9 5K 27″ Reviews, Pros and Cons

The ViewFinity S9 isn’t as premium as Apple Studio Display, but it delivers the same image quality, which is probably the most important thing in a monitor. Plus, if you’re okay with giving up the premium construction, you end up getting more with the adjustable stand and matte screen for much less.

By 9to5Mac

When assessing the ViewFinity S9 holistically, it excels in almost every other area. From its exceptional display quality and robust connectivity options to its ergonomic design, the ViewFinity S9 outperforms its direct competitor, the Apple Studio Display, all while being significantly more affordable. For professionals engaged in graphics work, seeking a high-quality 5K screen, the ViewFinity S9 stands out as the top choice.

By Tech Toy Reviews

So if you’re choosing between the Samsung display and the Studio Display for a monitor exclusively for your Mac, and they’re the same price, you’re simply better off with the Studio Display. But if you also want to use it with a Windows PC or find the Samsung display at a discount, you should consider it.

By Medium

The Samsung ViewFinity S9 5K does come standard with a stand that can tweak tilt, height, and pivot settings, while the Apple Studio Display does not. If the potential buyer’s workstation requires more subtle positioning and they don’t want to spend more money on Apple’s display system, Samsung’s monitor is worth considering.

By AppleInsider

If I were only in the market for a base-model Apple Studio Display, I wouldn’t opt for the Samsung display at the same price. Since I don’t want the Smart TV features, they just get in the way, and (surprise, surprise) Apple does a better job of integrating its own display into the Mac interface.

By Six Colors

Hands on: But do keep in mind that the ViewFinity will come loaded with the same software that runs on Samsung’s TVs and Smart Monitor, so you’ll get direct access to streaming apps plus productivity software like Google Meet. Some will view that as a bonus; others might have preferred that the ViewFinity was just a standard, dumb monitor.

By The Verge

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