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Sonos Ace Reviews, Pros and Cons

Hands on: Even if your content isn’t 7.1.4-channel Dolby Atmos, Sonos’ 3D virtualization tech will upscale it so it sounds comparable. The company has also developed its own head tracking processing that learns from your position and the direction you’re looking so that it’s not constantly recentering if you look down at your phone.

By Engadget

Hands on: Can Sonos really go toe to toe with Bose and Sony in active noise cancellation? Will the Ace’s aware / transparency mode prove as natural-sounding as the AirPods Max, which remain undefeated in that department? And how will the sound quality stack up after some extended listening time?

By The Verge

It remains to be seen how good the sound is when compared to the best noise-canceling headphones. But the Ace’s integration with the rest of Sonos’ soundbars is something that differentiates it from competing models, and could give it an advantage for those already in the company’s ecosystem.

By Tom’s Guide

Hands on: The TV Audio Swap feature does make a lot of sense, and people will appreciate it. But not everyone owns a Sonos Arc soundbar, so I’m curious to see how the feature goes over with Sonos users at launch. I have a feeling that, like Sonos’ new revamped app, the headphones might have a few kinks to work out, especially when it comes to the TV Audio Swap feature.

By cnet

Hands on: Our initial hands-on time with the Sonos Ace is promising, with high points for the design and features at this premium price, but we need more time with the headphones to fully assess sound quality, noise-cancelling and the Sonos-specific features.

By What Hi Fi?

Hands on: Based on our early hands-on time, Sonos’ first foray into the headphone space is an extremely promising one. The Ace have the potential to be some of the best-looking, best-feeling and best-sounding headphones we’ve tested, and their home theater functionality could make them the cans to get for folks already rocking a Sonos soundbar.


Hands on: Regardless, the Sonos Ace look very much like they’re poised to take on Sony, Bose and Apple at their own game. They’re expensive at £449 a pair but they’re comfortable, look the part and more than hold their own when it comes to features.

By ExpertReviews

Hands on: A promising first look at Sonos’ long-rumoured and now finally real headphones. They cover all the bases you’d expect from a premium pair of headphones. Once a review sample comes in, we’d be interested to hear how they compare against its main rivals.

By TrustedReviews

Hands on: Overall the experience left me excited to try out the Ace more thoroughly, though our sound swapping test failed at one point and filled my earcups with nothing but static. It’s unclear if this was a source, audio decryption, or app issue, but hopefully, it was a problem with whatever device Sonos was using to output content from and not from the Ace or Arc themselves.

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