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Sony shows off futuristic PlayStation controller concept in new video

In a nutshell: A two-minute video from Sony briefly showcased a concept PlayStation controller that looks nothing like a traditional gamepad. The video also features an eclectic mix of futuristic gadgets, including transparent smartphones, sleek AR glasses, and a flying drone without propellers.

There’s a lot going on in the video, but its most notable aspect is the futuristic game controller that looks like a glowing ring light flanked by two handles and analog thumbsticks on either side. It retains the face buttons and directional pad, but without a middle section, it lacks a touchpad, and the traditional D-pad and signature PlayStation buttons – square, circle, triangle, and cross – are not present.

The video also shows a curved screen floating above the concept controller, displaying gaming footage and appearing as though it could be a holographic projection. While most of the video seems to be CGI, Sony believes it offers a glimpse into what gaming could look like in the future.

The video ends with the phrase “create infinite realities,” suggesting that Sony envisions a future where the real and virtual worlds are more intertwined than ever before.

The video is part of Sony’s “Creative Entertainment Vision” and was shared at the company’s annual corporate strategy meeting this week. It demonstrates Sony’s vision for the future and where it aims to be in 10 years. While it is unclear whether the company is already working on some of the futuristic gadgets depicted, Sony warns viewers that the devices shown are “not directly related to any existing Sony products or services.”

For people still living in 2024, Sony is said to be prepping a mid-gen refresh of the PS5, which could be ready for launch by the end of the year. Expected to be called the “PS5 Pro,” the rumored new console may feature a more powerful GPU, a faster CPU, more and faster memory, and improved GPU rendering that’s “45 percent faster” than the standard PS5.

Sony is also reportedly urging game developers to create an exclusive graphics mode and incorporate more ray tracing features in their current and upcoming titles so they can be marketed with a “PS5 Pro Enhanced” label. The new graphics mode is rumored to combine Sony’s PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR) 4K upscaling with 60fps gameplay.

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