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The software developer who wore an Apple Vision Pro at his wedding offers explanation

WTF?! You might have seen a recent photo of a man standing next to a woman in a wedding dress as the pair celebrate their special day. Nothing unusual there, apart from the Apple Vision Pro that the groom is wearing. The bride’s forlorn expression led to speculation that the mixed reality headset had been worn throughout the ceremony, but it’s been confirmed that it was only donned after the main proceedings had finished.

It was 24-year-old software developer and entrepreneur Jacob Wright who posted the image of his wedding day on X. His decision to sport Apple’s $3,500 headset, and his wife’s less-than-ecstatic face, brought plenty of attention – it went viral and has been viewed over 357,000 times by X users alone.

To find out more, Futurism spoke to Wright about the photo and why he wore the Apple Vision Pro. “I did not wear it in ceremony out of respect to God and to my wife,” Wright confirmed. “But after we got out [of the ceremony], we were taking photos – like the bridesmaids and the groomsmen and things – and just jokingly, I was like, ‘Hey, I have my Apple Vision Pro in my backpack.”

It also seems a bit strange that Wright would have a backpack with a Vision Pro inside it at his wedding. He explained this with, “I carry my backpack everywhere. It’s a bad habit.”

Wright’s wife, Cambree, wasn’t too pleased about photos being taken with him wearing the headset, but he told her it was “just for the meme.”

Beyond creating a meme-worthy viral moment, Wright said the Vision Pro’s ability to capture 3-D spatial photos and images proved perfect for capturing what has been described as immersive memories.

Cambree previously told SFGate she avoids interacting with her husband when he wears the headset as “it’s a little creepy.” The Vision Pro’s EyeSight feature shows a wearer’s eyes on its outer screen when someone is nearby. Apple says it’s a critical indicator of connection and emotion, but most people find it highly unsettling. Full-time student Cambree admitted, though, that despite appearances, she wasn’t angry when the photo was taken.

“I look pissed in the picture. I wasn’t really mad, though,” she told Futurism. “I just thought it was funny.”

In fairness to Wright, people have been spotted wearing a Vision Pro in worse situations, including while driving a Tesla, at the gym, and crossing a road.

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