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Windows 10 will get five extra years of support courtesy of 0patch

Forward-looking: 0patch is a “microscopic” patching solution for Windows and other software products offered by Acros Security. The company can transparently deliver tiny code patches – typically just a couple of CPU instructions – and apply them to running processes in memory to fix critical or potentially dangerous security vulnerabilities.

Microsoft will deliver the final security update for the latest version of Windows 10 in October 2025, prompting customers to either upgrade to Windows 11 (if their PCs are compatible) or pay to join the company’s Extended Security Updates (ESU) plan thereafter. 0patch has just announced a potential third alternative: paying significantly less to receive timely fixes for critical security vulnerabilities discovered after October 2025.

0patch, known for its micropatching service, currently provides security fixes for Windows 7. The company has now unveiled its plan to also support Windows 10 22H2, offering in-memory micropatches for at least five years, with the possibility of extending this period based on demand. According to 0patch, its support for Windows 7 is now in its fifth year and is likely to be extended further.

0patch openly advocates for customers who are reluctant to transition to Windows 11, even if their hardware supports the new OS. Many users prefer the Windows 10 interface, express concerns over Microsoft’s trend toward app bloatware and advertising, and object to the company’s controversial plans such as the recently retracted Recall feature, which some fear could compromise privacy by turning every PC into a potential key-logging device.

The micropatching solution can shield Windows 10 users from known security vulnerabilities, the company said. Since Windows 10 and Windows 11 share the same core technology, they are likely to continue experiencing the same bugs even after 2025.

Additionally, 0patch is prepared to offer various other bugfix services, including “0day” patches for actively exploited flaws, “wontfix” patches for bugs that a software vendor has chosen not to address for its own reasons, and “non-Microsoft” patches for third-party software products like Java runtime, Adobe Reader, 7-Zip, WinRAR, and more.

Acros stated that its 0patch service is significantly more affordable and accessible than Microsoft’s proposed ESU solution. The company provides two distinct plans: 0patch Pro and 0patch Enterprise. The Pro plan, priced at €24.95 (plus taxes) per computer annually, is suitable for small businesses and professionals. The Enterprise plan, costing €34.95 per computer, is tailored for medium to larger organizations with centralized IT management, multiple users, and varied roles.

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