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Xgimi shows off projector that doubles as a ceiling light, also a $3,000 IMAX-certified model

Forward-looking: At CES this year, exhibitors have once again attempted to show how projectors can provide a premium home theater viewing experience while better complementing a room’s décor compared to large televisions. Xgimi’s latest products exemplify these design goals, one of which resulted from a collaboration with IMAX.

Xgimi announced what it calls the world’s first IMAX-certified long-throw projector at CES – the Horizon Max. Accompanying this device is the Aladdin 2.0, which users can install inside a ceiling lamp, occupying virtually no space.

The IMAX brand, known for purpose-built theaters with enormous screens, has influenced the Horizon Max’s design. Xgimi aims to replicate this experience within a projection size of up to 200 inches. The 4K projector earns its certification through its Dual Light 2.0 laser technology, combining lasers with phosphorus light to enhance image clarity and achieve an unprecedented brightness of 3,100 ISO lumens. This certification may also indicate that the device is calibrated for IMAX-enhanced movies available on streaming services like Disney+ or Blu-ray discs featuring scenes in the IMAX aspect ratio.

Another notable feature is ISO 5.0, which intelligently determines the optimal projection position after scanning the surroundings. The Horizon Max can also store playback adjustments based on location, ensuring consistently calibrated picture quality in various settings.

While Xgimi’s second new product, the Aladdin 2.0, is limited to 1080p and 100 inches, it doubles as a ceiling light and speaker, seamlessly integrating into the home as an appliance. Connecting external devices to a ceiling-mounted projector can be challenging, so the Aladdin 2.0 includes a USB-powered HDMI dock for wirelessly transmitting signals to the main unit. The impact of this wireless solution on image quality is uncertain, but the projector prioritizes aesthetics over high-end performance.

The Aladdin 2.0 and Horizon Max don’t yet have final prices or release dates. However, the IMAX projector is expected to cost around $3,000 with a possible 2024 release date. Xgimi is still deciding whether to ship the devices with Android TV or Google TV.

LG also showed off a projector at CES designed to blend into its surroundings. The company’s CineBeam Qube is easier to set up and access than the Aladdin 2.0. The 4K projector comes in a tiny package that could pass for an art piece and supports several streaming services.

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